Werewolves of Ziggy Hollow will take place as an online activity, using
Zoom. The basic mechanics for the game will remain the same. Please take note of the following changes, restrictions, etc..

1. Experienced players only; tutorials will not be given.

2. If you have Ziggy blocked on Facebook, you are not permitted to play.  Them’s the rules.

3. Each game will be limited to 22 players to accommodate the  Zoom platform. This allows all players to be on the same Zoom screen. Players who join after a game
has started will be kept in the Waiting Room for the next game.

4. During the course of the game, players will be asked to turn off
their cameras during the Nighttime phase, and they will be requested to
keep their camera and microphone off if they are taken out of a game.

5. Private chat will be used to exchange information between Ziggy and
individual players, for things such as role assignments, nighttime
activities, and the daily lynch vote.

6. For the daily lynch vote, each player will send Ziggy their vote
privately. He will (a) Tally them, (b) Give a role call of how each
player voted, and (c) Announce who has been selected.

7. Because it is impossible to control private communications, certain
roles will not be used. For example, if the Seer survives late into the
game, and there is only one Werewolf left and the Seer knows who it is,
they can send a private message to every other player, thus ending the
game on the next vote, which is not fair to the remaining Werewolf. So
for these online games, the following changes are in place:

7a. The Seer and Beholder will not be used. Exception: If the
Werehamster is in play, the Seer will be allowed, but the only power
will be to try to identify and kill the Werehamster.

7b. Masons will not be used

7c. The Slut will not have the “Learn someone’s status” option after
multiple visits.

7d. The Werewolf Cub will not be used.

7e. The Werewolves will have Ziggy’s usual hierarchy scheme. Each Werewolf
must submit a message to me at night for their villager choice. They
can either reply with the name of a villager, or they can say “I support
the leader’s decision.” If I receive multiple names from the Werewolves,
I select the victim based on number of votes and hierarchy of the wolves
(this can be important if Cupid is in play and a Werewolf is one of the

Other procedures and questions will be handled at the start of the session.  Please, when you sign on to the Zoom session come in with your real name. Only those with recognized names will be admitted.