Local Group Information

Mensa of Northeastern New York, aka MoNNY, encompasses an area from west of Massachusetts and Vermont north to the Canadian boarder and south almost to the Catskills.  We’re a fairly active group with monthly, annual, and ad hoc events.  Many of our members are ardent gamers and we are proud of our collection.

We have a facebook group for Mensa members at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MoNNY.Mensa/

Use this link to request to join our facebook group.

We maintain a google calendar for events at http://tinyurl.com/MensaONNY

Elected Officers

President Judith Keating mensaonny@gmail.com
Vice President Nate Schied nathanschied@gmail.com
Treasurer Randy Brinson treasurer@monny.us.mensa.org
Appointed Positions
Editor Joseph O’Malley adirondackmensa@gmail.com
Gifted Childern Nina Benway giftedchildren@monny.us.mensa.org
Games Master Ryan Nudi ryannudi@gmail.com
Scholarship Chair Terri Walsh scholarship@monny.us.mensa.org
Events Coordinator Sue West suewlibrary@gmail.com
Ombudsman Konrad Langlie ombudsman@monny.us.mensa.org
Mensa Cares Liason Kathleen Moon krmyn@aim.com
Testing Coordinator Samuel Corp recruitment@monny.us.mensa.org
Proctor Joseph O’Malley adirondackmensa@gmail.com
Proctor Margot Wyan margot742@yahoo.com
Proctor Terri Walsh scholarship@monny.us.mensa.org
RechaRGe Co-Chair Michael Franke michaeljfranke@gmail.com
RechaRGe Co-Chair Steve Marciano stephen.f.marciano@gmail.com