You’re welcome to make the featured drinks with us, or create your own (with or without booze). We’re happy to offer suggestions on what to make with whatever you have on hand. Of course, beer, wine, soda, and whisk(e)y are all just fine on their own.
Featured cocktails:


Required: bourbon or rye & sweet vermouth
Optional: Angostura bitters & Luxardo cherries (or any maraschino or brandied cherries)


Required: bourbon or rye, sweet vermouth, & Campari (or Aperol & Suze)
Optional: orange twist & Luxardo cherries (or any maraschino or brandied cherries)

French 75

Required: gin or cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup (or sugar), & prosecco (or any bubbly wine)
Optional: lemon twist


Required: congnac, lemon juice, Cointreau (or triple sec)
Optional: sugar for the rim


Required: vodka or gin
Optional: dry vermouth & olives or lemon twist
New York whiskey is often overpriced and not tasty. We recommend these relatively affordable bottles:
*Rittenhouse, Bulleit, or Old Forester rye
*1792, Old Grand Dad 114, or Elijah Craig 94 bourbon
*Carpano Antica, Cocchi Torino, or Punt E Mes (only if you really like bitter) sweet vermouth
*Ketel One, Tito’s, or ALB vodka
*Mionetto or Lamarca prosecco
*Courvoisier VS, Hennessy VS, or Salignac VS cognac
Don’t forget to have ice ready! Also, fresh squeezed citrus juice is dramatically better than the bottled stuff in cocktails.

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