To Mensa of Northeastern New York, the Mensa chapter covering the northeastern portion of New York state from north of the Catskill mountains to the Canadian boarder and west from the state lines of Vermont and Massachusetts westward about 100 miles.

We have approximately 200 members with immeasurable interests and attractions.  We have a very active component of game lovers and fund additions to our inventory of games regularly.  In person get-togethers at restaurants, bars, trivia nights, though limited due to the 2020 pandemic, are popular.  Since 2010 we have held a regional gathering of Mensa members and their companions over Labor Day weekend in Albany featuring speakers, games, activities, food, beverages, and comradery.  This gathering, one of many “RGs” hosted by Mensa groups from across the country, goes by the name RechaRGe.  To learn more about this coming RG click here.

If you have interest in joining or re-joining Mensa or learning more about the organization please click here.

Sadly RechaRGe 2020, the Covid-19 year gathering.  Will be an for an online, mainly zoom, gathering.  We’re hoping some crowd favorites can be arranged, certainly brandy & cigars.  Check back for more details.